Train your Beasts, Master your Spirit
and Fight for your Tribe!

On the world of Regnarum, change is a necessary thing. The
tribes are sending their best warriors into the arena to fight for
tribe supremacy, the next leader will be chosen. Can you make a

  • Runic Wolf
  • Hatchling Mantis
  • Bronto
  • Swamp Varanus
  • Rock Spirit


Big creature living near the forests in places with rich soil from which he feeds off. Thanks to its size, it doesn't have many enemies and it is used by the nath to move large objects.

Latest updates

DevLog#4 - Improving the design

10-05-2015 21:21

So in the previous devlogs i’ve showed you what a creature has for Stats: health, speed, damage, armor and an active special ability.

Our process was that this game needs to be as simple as possible, but complex enough that it allowed lots of strategies. We played around with different stats possibilities before we came up with the final design. And when i say final, i mean that it could change anytime.

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DevLog#3 - Settling on a design

02-04-2015 18:12

Modified the previous design into the one we agreed upon. We now have a mock-up for the deployment zone, initiative ordering zone and some new and useful additions: “your turn” marker and History log.

The “Your turn” marker appears when it is your turn (duh!) and the history log contains all that has happened in the game since it started. Also we added ownership markers on creature tokens, if you see a dotted line around a creature, then that is your creature, if not, that is your opponent creature (this might change in the future).

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