DevLog#3 - Settling on a design

02-04-2015 18:12 96 comments

Modified the previous design into the one we agreed upon. We now have a mock-up for the deployment zone, initiative ordering zone and some new and useful additions: “your turn” marker and History log.

The “Your turn” marker appears when it is your turn (duh!) and the history log contains all that has happened in the game since it started. Also we added ownership markers on creature tokens, if you see a dotted line around a creature, then that is your creature, if not, that is your opponent creature (this might change in the future).

This is the result:

Oh, almost forgot, we also have a sounds on/off button on top right for the ones that want to mute the music and game sounds like attacks, spells and such.

An important thing we decided is that for our MVP we should exclude the active abilities like fireballs, summon creatures and such. We will only implement static abilities like improved armor, double attack, multiple attack and such.

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